Dark colored Mold and Moss on Shingles

Question: Roof-QSE-1500 treat Dark Green Roof Moss?

Good afternoon, I have some mold and dark green moss growing on the edges of the shingles and the shingles have some dark colored mold on them, they are in a shaded area (I live in Fl.)

I recently treated with Spray and Go from Homedepot.. (I got this product before finding your site.)

At this point I’m very unimpressed with the spray and go..

I want to make sure I ordered the correct product to clean my roof.

I ordered a small amount to try..ROOF-QSE-1500.

Did I order the correct product?

Thank you in advance

Answer: Yes, Roof Mold Cleaner QSE will treat mold and moss

Roof QSE cleaner is used by Roof Cleaning Professionals (as well as soft wash roof cleaners). The powerful cleaner is an industrial / contractor grade cleaner unlike the big box consumer grade products.

One key feature of the Roof QSE is that it contains no chlorine or bleach.

When you apply the roof cleaning solution, it will weaken the grip that the dark green mold and algae have on your shingle, making it easier to “sweep the roof” with a fan spray from a Soft Wash Tool (or alternatively you can use a green or white fan tip on a pressure washer to safely accomplish a high volume lower pressure rinse).

The moss growth that you mentioned on the edges of the shingles will be a bit more challenging. Moss is a dense mat of organic growth, often times so dense that it won’t absorb liquids much if at all. This includes roof cleaning solutions! So you may need to apply the roof qse, let it soak 25 minutes, then before rinsing run a car wash soft bristle brush across the moss to mechanically loosen it. Following the brushing, rinse the area. This process will typically remove about 1/8th of an inch of moss each time. So if you have a half inch (4 / 8 ) of moss, you may need to apply the cleaner 4 times to completely remove the moss.