Roof Mold – Evolution

Roof Mold has Evolved

Years ago, growing up roof mold stains were just not an issue. Roof shingles stayed their original color for decades until they just wore out. My first home in 1989 had it’s original shingles from when it was built in 1946, and that home was shaded by 2 towering oaks trees, and there was no roof mold or roof moss in sight.

Roof Mold loves limestone

In the late 70’s asphalt shingles were sold with limestone instead of the more expensive cotton rag, and as a result, the roof mold problem was created. With limestone being a favorite food of Gloeocapsa Magma Algae, this algae / mold all of the sudden had a buffet on every new roof.

Conquering Roof Mold Stains

Today with most roofs made from limestone coated asphalt roof mold is able to thrive. There are several methods to control roof mold ( From Roof Cleaners, roof wash to roof shampoo) and we will explore them on

We hope the information we’ve gathered helps you keep your roof clean.